Undying Love

Ozzfest 1999 

June 3, 1999 East Troy Wisconsin Alpine Valley 

My Friend  Sandra we won tickets through a Radio station. Well we seen most mentioned above it was fun. I don’t remember seeing SLAYER but anyways. The show had ended I didn’t know where Sandra Was I seen her car in the parking lot but no one there, she had disappeared. I was crying by security guards by the entrance, when a man with long flowing black hair in the wind walked towards me asked me if I needed a ride home. I sniffled and looked at him said yes, well we got in car he introduced himself as a recent Divorced father of a two year old. I told him I was 18 going to be 19, and my name, He held my hand I felt comfortable, well that night we didn’t get back to my house till weekend after, I went with him home to his Rockford home. 

I was inlove, madly in love. The passion, the lust, the fire we both had felt for each other, It was a dream come true love story. I had always imagined my last name to began with a K. He worked, I went to high school ended up finishing hs and I moved in with him too his Rockford home a few months after we met. It was a undying for told love. We ate out lots, I really didn’t cook that well. Till later on in my years I picked up on Cooking, We had thanksgiving with my family that year we met. The following spring we sold his Rockford home and moved into a 4 bedroom apartment my parents had in Chicago. It was blissful for the 3 years we stayed in Chicago with my parents till we moved out to the suburbs. Me and my mother found a 6 bedroom house in Hanover Park we moved there for the first year, than we found another house in Streamwood Illinois, we lived there a Good 7 years. Than we were searching for a bigger house, We found one in Lke County we live here now last 3 years. 

But during the years me and Dave my true love, have done everything together. that couples do. We have had our share of arguements,fights,breakups,cheating, hot wild sex outdoors, traveling,concerts lots of them, maybe 1000 concerts together so far and more to come in future, his battes in life with his familys deaths his parents, his insane brother, his friends, but always in the end he considered my family his only family. Our love is very strong, We been together through it all, especially when I kept falling sick deadly sick, and my surgeries, we lost a few children me being pregnant had miscarriages 2 abortions my haelth and life on the line cause of babies. We than decided together as a team to not to ever have kids, we have a 17 yr old teenager right now. She my stepdaughter she calls me Momma. anyways. Me and Dave been living the good life. I can’t complain, We did are fair share of vacations from September 2012 to November 2013. It had been fun there will be more planned. and more to this story added on in the near future.

Our Love is undying with me and Dave there have been several people who have tried to come in between us, but we have overcome it all and still over come it. Every morning I wake up with butterflies in my stomach my heart racing can’t wait to open my eyes and see my true love standing before me. I had never imagined love to be this grand. I love Dave with all my heart, he has made me change my world around.

till than chow. 


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