Love never dies

A girl was stranded in a City far away from her home. She was being held captive by a man she had no feelings for. She called upon her long lost love, Tall, dark skinned, beautiful face features, thin mustache thin beard, dark green eyes, black hair.. Well the rest you can pretty much imagine, he came to her rescue.

The scene was the Cabin in the Woods, he saw her, she saw him, love rekindled. Love that was known from a decade ago showed itself again. He saw her, she saw him the sparks started intensely flying. They approached one another, hugged a long hard tight hug, than he carried her up pulled her in for a hot intense french kisses lavishing each other tastes lips. tongues doing a slow dance. Ravished from the intense heat from the kissing. He stripped her naked in a few seconds he took his clothes off he laid her down upon the bed, climbed on top of her. Feeling her breasts with his fingers as she moaned for his name. He climbed up and kissed her passionately. She than flipped him around and rode him, he shot his loud inside her. Than they were dressed her offered her to come with him, but he wanted her to do it on her own. than he disappeared she went and showered and thought of him day and night, next day came it dawned upon her she had some money saved she called upon him, he came back and he took her and left with her.. Well moral off Story loved was reunited once again through the heatness .. they did it millions more times had 2 kids boy and girl. She worked hard. he worked hard. they still have this hot love making till in their 60’s and 70’s and beyond..


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