Well I am 35 years old. I don’t look it or feel it. But I am a Step Mom to my daughter Nariko. She is right now pregnant, she is due any day now. Her Delivery date is January 9th or 10th, With a boy his name is Mason Wesley James Kawakami. I bought my grandson all the necessities that are needed for a new born. Having a Grandson is not like it is new to me, I already had the experience with a new little brother 20 years ago, a nephew 10 years ago now a grandson. It seems to fall every decade a new boy is born. Now this is the 3rd decade a new boy will be welcomed into my family. Which is a miracle. My daughter offered her Father and I adoption of her child , but we encouraged her to keep her child and we believe in her to be able to raise him, and be the best mommy their is. Her newly found love is willing to be the baby’s father and help raise her child. Which is a True DAD!! 

more to story to come


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