Kiki’s Blog


Kiki’s Blog

Hi I am Kiki. I woke up a little bit after 5 am today. My mom was sleeping. I went up on top of the dresser and said good morning to my 2 friends the Geckos Elvira and Ernesto. I sat there for ten minutes was watching the Crickets (their food) hop around on the screen of the cage. I was very curious. I swatted atthe crickets and they hoped away. Very interesting Insects!

Well I than went and jumped on my Dad’s chest, he woke up gave me a can of fresh food and got me fresh water. I ate my food and drank some water than looked up on bed. Did my action like I am ready to pounce on my mom, she knew I was going to pounce on her while she was sleeping. I pounced on my MOM and she grabbed me hugged…

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