Kiki’s Blog

Kiki’s Blog

Hi I am Kiki. I woke up a little bit after 5 am today. My mom was sleeping. I went up on top of the dresser and said good morning to my 2 friends the Geckos Elvira and Ernesto. I sat there for ten minutes was watching the Crickets (their food) hop around on the screen of the cage. I was very curious. I swatted atthe crickets and they hoped away. Very interesting Insects!

Well I than went and jumped on my Dad’s chest, he woke up gave me a can of fresh food and got me fresh water. I ate my food and drank some water than looked up on bed. Did my action like I am ready to pounce on my mom, she knew I was going to pounce on her while she was sleeping. I pounced on my MOM and she grabbed me hugged me and kissed me.. EWWWW kisses, As usual I put my paws on her face to stop her, she moved my paws. I meowed than started to purr. Well she released me. I bounced back on the floor grabed my toys and played. Well basically all Day I been playing and eating. I went downstairs to the Living room.. The dog aka ABBY was laying down she saw me coming down the stairs. I pounced on Abby and started slapping her around she played back. I kept pouncing on the dog. Supper Flying from across the Room like a Ninja. Well it got boring after awhile playing with my friend Abby. I went back upstairs and decided to visit my Aunt. she picked me up and hugged and kissed me called me all these weird baby names.. haha..  Yawn.. so boring….

well thats it for now till later-


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