Morbid Dreams

Shadows with my Morbid Dreams

Darkness succumbs me

This is Fatal,

 Waking up this was just another dream 

I decided my way in this Destiny

  Not Choosing the Wrong Way 

Choosing the Right way

But it does encounter a Morbid Way which caused me to travel down this path leading into the dark way Hidden in the

Deep Dark Shadows Clawing

my way in this gravel Realizing

I am trapped Deep in this Dark Well

 Screaming and Calling for helpIt doesn’t help me

 I find my way to claw up the walls 

To climb out of this darkness

  Pain shoots up in my body

 Feeling the prickles of this walls Rocks

hard Grip is loosing I am gonna fall

 Staying strong Continuing my way up 

 I finally reach the Edge Darkness still is the Night Shadows

mocking me They trying to push me back into the

Well I fight with all my power

Feeling weak

  Feeling pain

Feeling drowned 

 I wake up this was all a Morbid Dream


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